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Who is Prison Steve?

Take a deep dive with me as I share where the Prison Steve comes from, my incarceration for a robbery in 2009 and as I unpack my story of how I went from being a missionary to a few years later in prison. It’s a tale of depression, lost purpose and hope. As a man with a long battle of depression and riddled with insecurities I was as broken as a man could be when I was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Yet it was my 6 year journey thru the Texas Prison system that I found redemption and rebirth.

What Prison taught me about Spirituality and Faith

Faith, spirituality, God, Koran, Bible, Church, Mass, Prayers, Meditation… In prion it all falls under the same category among inmates and guards- Religion. It is seen as something that is both a weakness and crutch as well as something to be respected and even at times admired. 

But what is not understood is the idea of spirituality and faith. And how that is something totally different than being part of an institution. What followed was a life long pursuit of this truth that began in my first hours of locked up.

Finding Your Way After You Lost It

Have you ever found yourself in a maze, maybe not seeing the dead end but knowing that it is coming soon, maybe around the next turn. We’ve heard this story a hundred, no a thousand times over, of those who found themselves in a place of mediocrity or unhappiness and they honestly had no idea how they got there. 

That’s where I found myself recently and I was wondering where in the heck I was going, working 12-15 hr days, 6 days a week. Saving money, but without a plan. And then I lost my job right as COVID kicked into gear and soon the lockdowns followed. Instead of feeling like I had hit that dead end of the maze, I felt like I had been lifted up so that I could see the way out. 

5 Tips To Overcoming Depression

Depression is something that makes people uncomfortable if it is something they have never experienced. Mainly because if you haven’t experienced it then it’s nearly impossible to help someone whose stuck in that dark hole.

I was in the darkest place when I committed my robbery in 2009. I didn’t know at the time I was depressed. I was barely aware that I was suicidal. It wasn’t till I started my 10 yr sentence that I was given a chance to evaluate my life and who I was and how I had gotten there. And once I emerged from that dark hole I knew it was an experience I would share with anyone that could relate with my experience and offer my own story as a way to help anyone I could.