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Inspired to Change Lives Thru Travel

EastWind is a travel company that understands adversity to dreams. Founded during the middle of the pandemic of 2020 by an ex-felon a few years removed from prison starting a travel company with inspirations to travel around the world for a year seemed quite mad. The obstacles seemed endless. But one of the greatest travel quotes I had ever read was by Rolf Potts, author of Vagabonding. “The hardest obstacle you will face to travel… is to make up your mind to do it. After that everything else starts to bend to your will because your mind is set on that task.”

I have come to believe in that mantra/mindset for every aspect of your life where you desire change. EastWind exists to share inspiration and encourage positive change in one’s life, with a specific focus on doing it thru the transformative experience that is travel. But along the way of preparing for that journey, the obstacles and barriers to your dream are not the only thing you start to tackle. It touches every part of who you are- mentally, physically, psychologically, spiritually, relationally and the list goes on. 

I am committed to helping anyone interested in starting their own journey, by sharing mine. From start to launch. We will share tips and stories on the basics like money and budgeting, to gear, packing tips, how to plan, where the best travel deals are, etc.. ect.. Check out my YouTube travel channel TravelwithSkuba and travel blogs below. Or to hear more of my journey from prison to aspiring world traveler, check out my podcast the Prison Steve podcast, all of which you can find below.



Created to help both the seasoned traveler and the greenest most aspiring thru content on the latest travel news, blogs, tips and life/travel hacks.

This is my YouTube channel where I talk about my personal journey to get ready for global travel, offering and getting advice along the way. Check out personal blogs as well as links to my show.

A podcast to explore my past that has taken me from missionary to world traveler and then to prison. Sharing stories from my time locked up, what I learned along the way and how it has shaped my views today.